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 Posted: Wed Jan 9th, 2019 10:12 pm
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The plan was definitely for Hogan and Ventura to pair off. The WWF tried to appeal as much as possible to AWA fans during 1984.

Mr. Fuji was managing George Steele at the time, at least on some shows. The WWF was moving fast with expansion and talent acquisitions. Manager/wrestler alliances often lasted as briefly as a taping or two and then shifted without angles or explanations.

Regarding Gene wrestling, he was a big deal to Minnesota wrestling fans and the tag team match got a ton of local publicity for the WWF as the new game in town. However, I thought to some extent having Gene Okerlund as the paunchy bald guy in the ring was meant as a parody of Verne Gagne and his occasional comebacks. Verne was a legend and a great amateur wrestler, but didn't look the part by the end of his career and certainly not during his 1982, 1983, 1985, and 1986 one off comeback matches.