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 Posted: Wed Jan 9th, 2019 10:19 pm
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Regarding titles in Houston, for years the talent in Texas, outside of the Amarillo booked towns, was shared by the cities, but not the TV. Fort Worth was on Monday, Dallas was on Tuesday, San Antonio was on Wednesday, Corpus Christi was on Thursday, and Houston was on Friday. The weekends were for non weekly towns and the promotions ran spot towns apart from the main weekly towns during the week. All used the same guys and the same championships. However, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio/Corpus Christi, and Houston all had different TV shows and consequently different angles and feuds sometimes. Houston brought in big national names as outsiders. Because of the large amount of Spanish speakers who watched the Los Angeles promotion on the local SIN affiliates in South Texas, San Antonio and Corpus Christi would sometimes bring in LA guys like Black Gordman and Goliath.

Around 1980, Joe Blanchard started using his own crew and titles, breaking off from the booking office Fritz Von Erich ran. Boesch made a break with Fritz and used Blanchard's guys starting in 1981. Wahoo McDaniel was booking Southwest for Blanchard and was a megastar in Houston which made the break an easier move for Paul Boesch. When things went south with Blanchard, Boesch moved over to using Mid-South guys and then went with the WWF for a few months before retiring after Watts sold to JCP. Later Boesch assisted his protégé Peter Birkholz when he ran JCP cards in Houston after Boesch's retirement.