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 Posted: Mon Jan 14th, 2019 11:42 pm
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1/3/78 Gulfport(?), MS @ National Guard Armory
The Great Mephisto, Pretty Boy Collins and Superstar Collins vs Grizzly Smith and Phil Watson
Arman Hussein and Bill Ash vs Troy Graham and Tom Shaft
plus 1 more

...just a quick note, The Biloxi paper has the lineups, but from the other cards from 1977 Gulfport was running on Monday's. This card is on a Tuesday, and the ad doesn't say if it's Biloxi or Gulfport. They're only about 10-12 miles apart, so I'm going to assume right now it's Gulfport, as, the 2/14/78 card is being run at The Mississippi Coast Coliseum which is in Biloxi, but please feel free to change it if incorrect.

1/17/78 Gulfport, MS @ National Guard Armory
Grizzly Smith vs The Great Mephisto (Arabian Rope Match)
Terry Gordy vs Pretty Boy Collins
Eddie Sullivan vs Tom Jones
Phil Watson vs Bill Ash

1/31/78 Gulfport, MS @ National Guard Armory 
Phil Watson vs The Great Mephisto (No Disqualifications)
Grizzly Smith and Bill Ash vs The Mongolians
Terry Gordy and Tom Jones vs Eddie Sullivan and Pretty Boy Collins
Tom Shaft vs Troy Graham

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