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 Posted: Thu Jan 17th, 2019 01:49 pm
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Apparently The Elite will be promoting AEW at west coast indy shows as they all made a surprise appearance last night for indy promotion The Bar to help SoCal Uncensored in the main event.  Watts, Yuma, and Martenson are guys that work for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and I've never seen any of them have a good match, but this description makes it sound fun.


*Main event: Christopher Daniels, Scorpio Sky, and Frankie Kazarian had their Open Challenge answered by Watts and RockNES Monsters (Yuma and Kevin Martenson).  SoCal Uncensored got the win after the Best Meltzer ever on Yuma in a wild one with help from The Elite.   Senior referee Rick Knox was bumped and Watts clobbered a second ref then grabbed a chair. He was going to hit Scorpio Sky with it, but Joey Ryan ran out and grabbed it from him to stop him.. Watts gave Ryan a big kick and knocked him down.   Adam "Hangman Page" ran out and took Watts down with a buckshot lariat. Ryan recovered, and with help from Page, they gave Watts a double team YP Plex.  Ryan and Page shook hands but then Yuma and Martenson got back in the ring and attacked them from behind.   

Cody, in a suit, slowly walked out with Brandi Rhodes. Yuma and Martenson double teamed Cody for a few seconds but he fought them off. Brandi gave Yuma a spear and Cody did a dive to the outside onto Martenson.  Watts was back up and slowly acted like he was going to hit Brandi in the ring.   The Young Bucks appeared and gave Watts the superkicks as he was arguing with Brandi. Yuma tried to charge The Bucks, but he got caught by the superkicks. Martenson then tried to come off the top rope on them, but he too got caught with the superkicks. Rick Knox even joined in on The Superkick Party when he finally recovered off the mat. He made it a triple superkick with The Bucks to Watts.

Cody told the crowd he was giving them all AEW contracts. Brandi then made him fire everyone quickly. The Elite stood tall in the ring and raised each other’s arms. 

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