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 Posted: Fri Jan 18th, 2019 11:47 pm
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bpickering wrote: KGB wrote: First it appears we're going to be spared the regal decadence of the SotU address, a disgusting display of governmental elitism.  Now Nancy Palsi and co. have had their taxpayer-funded vacation/vote buying trip cancelled.  The woman is worth over $100 million.  Why the hell are we paying for her travel?  Also, President Trump cancelled trips for his cabinet members to the globalist confab in Davos.  If we could next get rid of the opulent state funerals for the likes of GW Bush and John McCain, I'd almost be ready to surrender on the wall issue!
Yeah going to Afghanistan is a vacation getaway..

The Afghanistan part of the trip is what I labeled "vote buying".  She gets to pop in and out, fully ensconced in a luxurious security bubble, with nary a single worry, and then come back and tell everyone how she supports the troops.  And before you bring up Trump's trip to Iraq, don't forget that he's the CiC and she's not.