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12-year-old Jan Broberg was abducted by a neighbor and family friend, Robert Berchtold, in 1974; then again, at the age of 13, in 1976. Before and in-between the two abductions, Berchtold was allowed to sleep in Jan's bed, and engaged in extramarital liaisons with each of Jan's parents.

For the uninitiated: 12-year-old Jan Broberg was abducted by a neighbor and family friend, Robert Berchtold (known to Jan and most of her family as 'B') from her home in Pocatello, Idaho in 1974; then again, at the age of 13, in 1976. The first time around, Broberg took the girl to Mexico for weeks, where he brainwashed her into believing she was an alien, and that she needed to conceive a child with him by the date of her 16th birthday in order to save the residents of her home planet from some kind of apocalyptic cataclysm. She was only brought home after Berchtold tried to extort the girl's parents into agreeing to sign papers that would allow the two to legally marry.

Once they returned to the states, Berchtold was arrested... then released, after blackmailing the Brobergs into not only refusing to testify against him, but signing legal affidavits claiming they'd actually given him permission to leave the country with their daughter. He was able to do this because he'd secretly engaged in extramarital liaisons with both of Jan's parents, and essentially threatened to reveal each partner's infidelities to the other.

Before taking Jan the first time, Berchtold talked his way into being allowed to sleep in Jan's bed with her by claiming he was being treated for abuse he'd suffered as a child, and that being allowed to sleep in the young girl's bed was part of his 'therapy.' After that first abduction, he engaged in an eight-month affair with Jan's mother, which he later used to try and force the couple into a separation.

Berchtold abducted Jan again in 1976, secretly enrolling her in a Catholic girls' school in California, where he visited her on weekends, posing as her father (Berchtold was living in Utah at the time); she was gone, I believe, for over 100 days this time. Once Jan was found and returned home, Berchtold was arrested, put on trial for kidnapping and other charges... and ultimately sentenced to 45 days in jail, of which he served ten.

Decades later, Jan and her mother would write a book about the family's experiences; a now-elderly Berchtold was arrested after turning up at several book signings and other public events, in violation of a lifetime restraining order. He was convicted and given a date to report back for sentencing, but committed suicide before that date could arrive.


In 2006, 24 year old Shonda Stansbury was last seen visibly beaten and battered before she disappeared in North Carolina. Days after her sudden disappearance, someone reported to 911 that they saw Shonda being chased by two men near the woods. Shonda was naked, bloodied, and screaming for help.
On December 9, 2006, 24-year-old Shonda Stansbury, a mother of three, arrived to at a Waffle House, her sister’s workplace, at approximately 6 AM in the vicinity of Interstate 95 and Highway 158 in Weldon, North Carolina. Shonda was visibly battered — bruises covered her face and legs, and there was a swollen knot on her temple.

Shonda hitched a ride with a regular customer and requested that they take her to West Side Trailer Court in Roanoke Rapids. Shonda temporarily resided in the trailer court with some of her friends. Once Shonda was dropped of at her destination, she was never heard from again.

Concerned, Shonda’s mother, Gloria, filed a missing persons report at the local police station on December 14 at approximately 10:15 AM. As advised, Shonda would contact Gloria on a daily basis and it was uncharacteristic of her to neglect doing so. Since Shonda was an avid substance abuser, the police initially suspected that Shonda voluntarily disappeared.

That same day, a woman contacted 911 at approximately 11:28 PM to report that she saw two men chasing a blonde woman, who she believed was Shonda, behind a convenience store near the woods off Highway 158. However, the caller hung up before the dispatcher could ask her for her name and other information. Investigators eventually traced the call to a cell tower and located the caller days later.

The caller claimed that the woman she believed to be Shonda was stark naked, had blood dripping from her mouth, and was screaming for help. The caller explained to the police that she was too frightened to intervene at the time and didn’t call 911 until she got home because she didn’t want to stop. The caller knew Shonda personally and had recognized her. It’s unknown if she had known if Shonda had been reported missing, but given that Shonda was reported missing the same day the sighting occurred, its likely that she had no knowledge of Shonda’s sudden disappearance.

The witness described the two men as African Americans. The first man was between the ages of 28 and 32, stood approximately 5’8 in height, had large, muscular arms and a stocky build, and was dark-complected. He was allegedly wearing denim jeans, a white t-shirt, and a baseball cap. It’s likely that he may have been bald. The other man was described as light-complected, stood approximately 5’6 in height, had a medium build, and dreadlocked hair. He was allegedly wearing Timberland boots, jeans with patches on them, and a brown/light brown oversized button down shirt.

As a result, investigators changed their stance, and started to investigate Shonda’s sudden disappearance more closely. Investigators scoured over the surrounding area where she was allegedly last seen, but the area was undisturbed. Investigators questioned customers and employees at the convenience store, but nobody had seen or heard anything.

In January of 2008, over a year after her disappearance, several more people came forward and reported that they saw Shonda in Wilson County, approximately 60 miles away from Roanoke Rapids. Some people claimed to have even confronted the woman, but Shonda never contacted her family as they allegedly had told her to do. Administrative Officer Andy Jackson said, “We are gravely concerned something serious might have happened to her. Though there were sightings, no law enforcement officer has made contact and her family has not heard from her in over a year.” Detectives were sent to search for Shonda in Wilson County, but again failed to locate any trace of her.

Investigators were especially concerned when records indicated that Shonda has not used her Social Security number nor has she sought public assistance. Captain Andy Jackson of the Roanoke Police Department said, “What bothers us is we have contacted agencies who can check on whether a Social Security number has been used across the United States, used for welfare or in search of lawful employment. Her number has not been used since she was missing. That raises a red flag.” Captain Jackson then expressed another concern, saying, “In high crime areas you are more likely to run into the police. A police officer would have made contact. She is in (missing person and other law enforcement data banks) as missing or endangered.”

Captain Jackson and Shonda’s family don’t believe that she disappeared voluntarily. Every day up until her disappearance, Shonda contacted Gloria regularly, even during the worser periods in her life. Shonda was also described as wholly devoted to her three children, and the family doesn’t believe that she would ever deliberately abandon them.

Shonda’s case remains open. Foul play is suspected.