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 Posted: Wed Jan 30th, 2019 08:52 am
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This polar vortex of 2019 seems to be some serious business instead of the usual garden variety media lets start a panic shitstorm we see ever month or so, coldest temperatures in a century or more in some places, the Midwest being hit especially hard.

Was wondering just how cold it might be for our member here and what if anything it is doing to have any effect on your life.

For myself it's not that bad per se the weather as I am in North Carolina, but it is having a really bad effect on my work of transporting trucks as every available load is heading up to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, or Pennsylvania, and flat out am not willingly going where the high temperatures are well below zero, or in the case of Pennsylvania where they shut down the Interstate highways 2 days in advance of a storm that may or may not show up because they are too lazy to plow the roads.

They even offered me a $300 bonus to take a truck to North Dakota, now what kind of fool would go to North Dakota in these conditions?

Anyways, winter isn't coming, it's here, and it's colder than a Siberian cocksucker kneecaps.

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