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 Posted: Wed Jan 30th, 2019 03:27 pm
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Regarding kids not going to school, when I was a kid, we never lost days due to extreme cold, only very heavy snow and there was great reluctance to cancel school over that unless it was essentially a blizzard because it was so much harder to spread the word back then. I walked two blocks to school in elementary school and in 3rd or 4th grade walked out into what amounted to planet Hoth only to arrive at school and find it had been called off. The building was open and more than a few teachers and students had also shown up, also none the wiser. So we were corralled into a group of rooms and had a no lessons day of fun (games, activities, open gym, etc.).

The big concern around these parts, and it's very understandable, is sending kids out to bus stops in dangerous cold to risk frostbite. It's possibly overkill and inconveniences a lot of parents, but my wife teaches at and my oldest also attends a school at which it's not uncommon for kids to not have proper winter coats or to lack hats and gloves due to various combinations of lack of funds, recent immigrants from families who don't understand Minnesota winter, and flat out parental irresponsibility. Protecting the kids is worth it.