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 Posted: Sun Feb 3rd, 2019 12:43 pm
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Geoff Portz wrestled Scott McGhee on a few occasions for Crockett. They were opening matches, though, and not part of any feud. Also, they were never acknowledged as father and son.

The closest Dory Sr came to facing one of his sons was when he and Dory Jr were the final two in a battle royal in Amarillo. Jr eliminated himseld to allow his father to face Lou Thesz for the world title. [Trivia: This was the symbolic end of the Amarillo world title, and this replaced the initial build to a unification match between Thesz and Jr. Amarillo briefly recognized their own world championship because Dory Sr refused to do business with Buddy Rogers. When Thesz regained the title, Amarillo briefly recognized three legitimate claims to the world heavyweight title (the AWA title being the third.) Funk Sr. was persuaded to only recognize the NWA title, and the Amarillo version was quietly forgotten about and the unification bout was never mentioned again.]

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