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7/21/81 Baton Rouge, LA - Riverside Centroplex
The Junkyard Dog vs Paul Orndorff
Kerry Von Erich vs Ken Mantell
Jake Roberts vs The Grappler
Dick Murdoch vs The Super Destroyer
Afa and Sika vs Jim Garvin and Don Diamond
Kim Duk vs Buddy Landell
Tony Charles vs Carl Fergie

8/4/81 Baton Rouge, LA - Riverside Centroplex
Louisiana Title Match: Bob Roop (ch) vs The Grappler
North American Title Match: Paul Orndorff (ch) vs Buck Robley
Dick Murdoch vs The Great Kabuki
Jake Roberts vs The Super Destroyer
Jim Garvin vs Kim Duk
Don Diamond vs Bob Orton, Jr.
Vinnie Romeo vs Carl Fergie

10/18/81 Baton Rouge, LA - Riverside Centroplex
Mid-South Tag Team Title Match: The Samoans (ch) vs The Junkyard Dog and Mike George
Ted DiBiase vs Bob Roop
King Cobra vs Paul Orndorff
Judy Martin vs Suzette Ferreria
Jim Garvin vs Bob Orton, Jr.
The Iron Sheik vs Carl Fergie
Tony Charles vs Jesse Barr

--my note, while billed as a Mid-South Tag Title match, JYD and Mike George won them on 10/15/81 in Jackson, MS.

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