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 Posted: Wed Feb 6th, 2019 01:45 pm
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tamalie wrote: Konnan was with CMLL at the time because Antonio Pena was booker there and hadn't broken away to form AAA yet with Konnan as his main star. Business was on fire and the economy was in good shape which enabled Konnan as a top star to make big money and enjoy the life of a celebrity. For him, staying made more sense at the time than leaving. The Mexican economy collapsed in late 1994 with the Peso getting devalued. That provided the incentive for Konnan to come stateside along with so many other luchadors and foreigners who saw their big paydays vanish quickly. Supposedly the WWF was very unhappy with him about the way he left behind the Max Moon gimmick following a lot of time, money, and effort to develop the gimmick. The push Paul Diamond got was not what was in mind for Konnan. Supposedly a grudge was held that played at least a partial role in Konnan never getting a WWE shot before his body gave way in the mid 2000s.
IIRC Konnan was already becoming a mainstream star in Mexico with a soap opera that he didn't want to leave behind.  The opportunities and money he was receiving in Mexico at the time, both from wrestling and outside projects, ldwarfed anything the WWF could've offered him at a time when business and visibility were way down.  This was during the days when Vince wouldn't even give numbers and would just say "You'll get the opportunity to make money here", which for many except the very top guys meant they weren't making shit.  Konnan likely would've gotten a big push based on how much time and money went into that costume design, but it was still a hokey gimmick at a time when the WWF was filled with hokey gimmicks, and after 2 months his push easily could've disappeared if he didn't get over. 

Fast forward to the last few years and from what I understand Konnan and Vince are still at each other's throats as Konnan interjected himself in the negotiations between WWE and Rey Misterio and began serving as Rey's agent.  That's pretty much why it took a good 2-3 years before they finally re-signed him.  Everyone advised Rey to get a real agent or just speak to Vince himself, but Rey insisted on sticking with Konnan, who brought him to the U.S. with ECW and then got him all that money in WCW.   If Konnan hadn't completely burnt the bridge before, he definitely did now.

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