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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2019 02:12 am
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brodiescomics wrote: I watched the SA game. Is was watchable. I think I will tune in today to watch another game.

Definitely needs more scoring, but there was not one roughing the passer penalty and the SD QB got demolished and his helmet flew off on a huge hit. Definitely would have been flagged in the NFL.

The biggest change that I like is no kickoffs. So that means no commercial break before the kick and no commercial break after the kick. They start on the 25 where 90% of the NFL drives start anyway.

Another thing I liked was the access. Microphones everywhere. You can hear the play calls. The sidelines are mic'ed up. There was an interesting moment where Mike Martz turned to an assistant and said he was thinking of making a QB change in the 3rd quarter.

They also showed the replay official going through a challenged call. I though it was interesting he called it incomplete immediately. Most of them time was taken trying to get the down and distance and time correct.

Overall a watchable product, that I will probably keep tuning in. I recommend giving them a look.

I agree.

It was not bad at all. 

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