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 Posted: Tue Feb 12th, 2019 04:15 am
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cookie32723 wrote: It’s almost unbelievable that they have possibly the largest roster at any point in their history across Raw/Smackdown/NXT yet the same people are featured in the same matches so nothing ever feels new and the product could not be more stale. 

Any chance EC3 could start out on a roll for a couple weeks?  Nah, he lost tonight.  Gable and Roode were really gaining momentum and their crowd response seemed to be growing.  They lost their titles tonight to a team who had their momentum stalled months ago and had been losing to Lucha House Party.
Becky apologized to Stephanie and Hunter, only to be put in her place by Vince, who showed up and suspended her again.
Oh, and Charlotte showed up from Smackdown too and has been added to the Wrestlemania match, which will eventually be a 3-way.  What was the point of that Women's Royal Rumble match again?