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 Posted: Tue Feb 12th, 2019 08:36 am
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Boz1515 wrote: -       Becky Lynch shows up on Raw every week here lately.
-       The Women’s Tag Titles appear to be across both brands.
-       Not sure if the new NXT call ups have ever been assigned a show.  I think I saw Heavy Machinery on both shows already.
-       They ditched the General Managers.
Last time the brand split was ending, they had Raw “Super Shows” with Smackdown people showing up on Raw every week.  Kinda looks familiar here.

I think we can answer all these without ending the brand split.

The main event for WM is scheduled to be a cross-brand match, which has always been possible given the stips of the Rumble. Years ago, they had a "respective brand" stip, but they were very clear this year Thatcher winner could challenge either champion.

The women's tag team title situation is just a mess. I can almost guarantee that they don't have any idea how they will book this title after Sunday. Having a minor title defended on both brands isn't a harbinger of an ending of the brand split, however.

The NXT call ups are free agents in storyline. Two of them lost last night, so why anyone would want to sign them is a good question. It's also unclear who called then up if they have arrived as free agents. Bad booking, but they are the lowest of the low, and this does not indicate an end to the brand split.

The McMahon have always see themselves as the cure for bad ratings, this they are now on both shows. In the past, USA have requested more McMahon, so this is just a knee jerk reaction to bad ratings.

What you saw on WWE last night was just simple bad storytelling. If they were going to end the brand split, the whole story would likely be told in one show, rather than develop slowly, as you are suggesting is taking place.

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