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 Posted: Tue Feb 12th, 2019 05:22 pm
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Kriss wrote: Boz1515 wrote: -       Becky Lynch shows up on Raw every week here lately.
-       The Women’s Tag Titles appear to be across both brands.
-       Not sure if the new NXT call ups have ever been assigned a show.  I think I saw Heavy Machinery on both shows already.
-       They ditched the General Managers.
Last time the brand split was ending, they had Raw “Super Shows” with Smackdown people showing up on Raw every week.  Kinda looks familiar here

What you saw on WWE last night was just simple bad storytelling. If they were going to end the brand split, the whole story would likely be told in one show, rather than develop slowly, as you are suggesting is taking place.
I’m not really suggesting anything, just making observations based on what is happening on tv and comparing it to what happened last time the brand split ended for the sake of discussion.
The question that hasn’t been answered is, “What is the point of the Women’s Royal Rumble match if the winner can simply be eliminated by Vince?”  Asking from a current story line perspective of course, since we all know she’ll be added back later.
The booking is all WCW-Russo esque.  For example, in the last two weeks:
1)    Becky was out – she wasn’t originally scheduled to be in the Rumble
2)    Becky was in – when she won the Rumble entering for Lana
3)    Becky was out – when she wouldn’t see a doctor, hit Stephanie, slapped Triple H
4)    Becky was in – when she apologized and shook Triple H’s hand
5)    Becky was out – when Vince said she is suspended for 60 days
Of course, she’ll be back in, but it’s like we have to watch Raw to see all of the WCW-Russo type flip flopping instead of watching a solid Wrestlemania build.