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 Posted: Tue Feb 12th, 2019 06:20 pm
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Kriss wrote: There is nothing wrong with Becky being in and out of the Rumble, because it's a story. We KNOW she will be in the main event of WM, and this is the build.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so like you said there is nothing wrong with it, except it potentially damages the credibility of the Rumble match.  What's the point of it now?  Also, the recent ratings are a pretty good indicator of how the audience feels about how things are going.

Kriss wrote: The biggest problem with WM is that we have two matches, and nothing else. It might start to get better after Sunday's PPV - yes, there is a PPV this weekend.  
Yeah, so normally you have the champion from each brand and the #1 contenders in the title matches.  The top 2 Smackdown contenders are in the Raw title match.  From a story line perspective, Asuka's Wrestlemania opponent would be like the #3 contender from Smackdown now lol.

Kriss wrote: I do think that the IWC has started to over-analyze wrestling far too much lately. If something doesn't match with personal booking ideas, or how they did it back in the good old days (whenever they were for you), people bitch and moan. And then we all watch WM anyway, and over-analyze, and so on and so on...
Yeah, when Vince told Becky that she was acting like she is bigger than WWE, I thought he was trolling the IWC who always say no one gets bigger than the company anymore, etc.

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