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 Posted: Wed Feb 13th, 2019 09:53 am
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01/02/33 Quincy MA
Bull Curry draw Cowboy Len Hughes
Steve Passas beat Joseph DeMarr
Ted Germaine beat Dick Costello
Fred Bruno Beat Dynamite Dunn
Johnny Iovanna draw Ed Faiella
Jack Morgan beat Al Whiting
George Nerio draw Curley LaVoie
Mickey Roach beat Billy McLaughlin

01/04/33 Reading MA
Bull Curry draw Frank Downing
Fred Bruno beat Joe Siskey
George Mero draw Guy Dixey
Guy Faille beat Flying Frenchman
Jack Walsh draw Gus Bruyn
Al Staples beat Joe Costello

01/05/33 Lynn MA
Bull Curry draw Fred Bruno
Steve Passas beat Art Flynn
Mephisto beat Swede Olson
Swen Siskey beat Ted Germaine DQ
Jack Burns draw Bill Dolan
Stewart Spears draw Joe Costello
Mike Tellegen draw Frank Miller
Mike Brown beat Joe Pearson
George Nerio beat Bill Mack
Mickey Roach beat Ray DeLong

01/11/33 Reading MA
Bull Curry beat Guy Faiella (Quincy MA)
Jack Walsh beat Flying Frenchman
George Dussette beat Steve Connelly
Fred Bruno draw Winn Robbins
Bill Scott beat Farmer Raymond
Joe Costello draw Tiger Lewis

01/16/33 Taunton MA
Swen Siskey (Lynn MA) beat Bull Curry
Art Flynn beat Al White
Sahib Sebeg beat Al Frank
Gus Bruyn beat Ike McDonald
Ed McNeil draw Ed Sweeney
Stewart Spears draw George Nerio
Jack Ryerson beat Farmer Raymond

01/18/33 Reading MA
Bull Curry beat George Thibeau (Quincy MA)
Steve Pappas beat Jack Morgan
Fred Bruno beat Gus Bruyn
Bill Scott draw Jack Walsh
Harry Rolander draw George Nevis
Merritt Wenzel draw Frank Downey

01/19/33 New Britain CT
Great Mephisto beat Bull Curry
Eddie Drew beat George Ratino
Sailor Jack Olson beat Bob Evans
Jack Firth beat Jack Burns

01/24/33 Middletown CT
Bull Curry beat Joe Forte
Mephisto vs Fred Bruno
Bob Evans vs Jack Burns
Eddie Drew vs George Ropino

01/25/33 Boston MA Cowboy
Cowboy Len Hughes (Northampton MA) draw Bull Curry
Ted Germaone beat Johnny Iovanna
Nick Coste DDQ Dynamite Dunn
Steve Passas beat Jack Walsh
Paul Adams beat Stewart Spears
Art Flynn draw Charles Manoli
Fred Bruno draw Mike Tellegen
George Dusette beat Al Whiting

02/02/33 Lynn MA
Nick Coste beat Bull Curry
Ted Germaine beat John Swenski
Steve Passas draw Al Shumna
Cowboy Hughes draw Charley Metro
Stewart Spears beat Ali Baba
Dynamite Dunn draw George Dusette
Fred Bruno beat Farmer Raymond

02/08/33 Reading MA
Fred Bruno beat Bull Curry
Bill Brooks draw Paul Adams
Merritt Wenzell draw Mike Tellegen
Bill Dolan beat Jack Morgan
Mike Miller draw Al Schuman
Tony Colesano beat Bill Scott

02/15/33 Boston MA
Bull Curry draw Jack Walsh (Newark NJ)
Steve Passas beat George Dussette
Ted Germaine beat Paul Adams
Nick Coste beat Farmer Raymond
Fred Bruno beat Bill Rudy
Bill Dolan draw Mike Miller
John Iovanna draw Jackie Nichols
Cowboy Hughes draw Dynamite Dunn

02/24/33 Wilmington MA
Steve Passas (Hartford CT) beat Bull Curry
Paul Adams beat Stewart Spears
Bill Rudy beat Tiger Joe Sarone
Bill Dolan draw Sam Gardner
Walter Drake beat Ray Carson