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6/13/84 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
Sonny King and Terry Taylor vs Butch Reed and Buddy Landell
Mr. Wrestling vs Mr. Wrestling II (winner gets North American Title Match)
Velvet McIntyre vs Wendi Richtre
Steve Williams vs Barry Orton
Mark Ragin vs Pat Rose

7/27/84 Loranger, LA @ Coliseum (updating rest of card lineup)
Jim Duggan & The Pretty Young Things beat The Midnight Express & Jim Cornette
Ricky Montana vs Mr. Wrestling II
Tommy Rogers vs Hans Schroeder
Ric McCord vs Pat Rose

9/27/84 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
Jim Duggan and Terry Taylor vs Hercules Hernandez and Steve Williams
Brickhouse Brown vs Buddy Landell
Ric McCord vs Adrian Street
Johnny Mantell vs Art Crews

10/18/84 Loranger, LA @ Coliseum (updating rest of card lineup)
The Midnight Express vs. The Rock & Roll Express
Terry Taylor vs Adrian Street
Shawn Michaels vs Dale Veasey
Johnny Mantell vs Jack Victory

11/20/84 Loranger, LA @ Coliseum (updating rest of card lineup)
--$5,000, 6 Tag Team Battle Royal
The Rock n Roll Express vs Hercules Hernandez and Buddy Landell
The Midnight Express beat Terry Taylor & Brickhouse Brown
Hector Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero vs Tim Horner and Bill Dundee

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