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2/9/85 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
Mid-South Tag Team Title Match: The Rock n Roll Express (ch) vs Chavo Guerrero and Hector Guerrero
Mid-South Television Title Match: Terry Taylor (ch) vs Steve Williams
Terry Daniels vs Jake Roberts
Cowboy Lang vs Little Tokyo
Shawn Michaels vs Edgar Thomas

5/9/85 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
The Rock n Roll Express vs The Dirty White Boys
Jim Duggan vs The Barbarian
Steve Casey vs Tom Prichard
Mark Ragin vs Thor
Terry Daniels vs Edgar Thomas

8/2/85 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
Ted DiBiase and Steve Williams vs Jake Roberts and The Barbarian
Bill Dundee vs The Nightmare
Al Perez vs Frankie Laine
Mark Ragin vs Pat Rose

10/17/85 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
Jake Roberts vs The Barbarian
The Fantastics vs Dutch Mantell and Eddie Gilbert (Losers get 5 Lashes)
Nick Patrick vs Humongous
Buzz Sawyer vs Jerry Grey
Steve Constance vs Gypsy Joe