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Was wading through the McComb papers, and ran across these clippings.  Any idea on who promoted these?  Buck Robley?  Originally advertised as "Super Pro" Wrestling.  Then, by the end of August, no longer had that moniker.  World Class promoted a show there in October. Talent level was pretty good starting off.  Did they have any TV?

3/1/86 Loranger, LA - Coliseum ("Super Pro" Wrestling)
Mr. Wrestling II vs Mike George
Buck Robley, Jerry Oates and Ted Oates vs The Assassin, Bull Ramos and Alexis Smirnoff (managed by Skandor Akbar)
King Cobra vs Chick Donovan
Scott Casey vs Bobby Duncum
David L. Roth vs Mike Boyette

4/4/86 Loranger, LA - Coliseum ("Super Pro" Wrestling)
Mr. Wrestling II and Buck Robley vs Kamala and Skandor Akbar (No DQ's must be a winner)
Ted Oates  vs The Grappler
Tiger Mask vs Danny Davis
Tom Jones vs Buddy Dixon
Terry Lathan vs Tony Torres

5/16/86 Loranger, LA - Coliseum ("Super Pro" Wrestling)
The Samoans (Afa and Sika) vs The Scorpions (w/ manger "Wonderful Wendell Weatherly)
The Tonga Kid vs The Hangman
The Hollywood Blonde vs Jules Strongbow
The Great Kokina vs Mike Jones
Sonny King vs The Hollywood Blonde #2

8/9/86 Loranger, LA - Coliseum ("Super Pro" Wrestling)
--16 Man, $2,000 Battle Royal--
Mike Jones, Greg Brown and The Snowman vs The Medics and The Hangman
The Smurfs vs The Easy Riders (Advertised as Midget Tag Team Match)
Ricky Allen vs Steve Reeves
Big "B" vs Krusher Knopps (or Krusher Kinard?)
Pretty Boy Glen vs The Super Star

8/30/86 Loranger, LA - Coliseum 
The Super Star and Sonny King vs The Easy Riders
Chick Donovan vs Buck Robley
Mike Jones vs Krusher Kinard
Cousin Ed vs The Hangman
The Easy Rider #1 vs The Super Star

10/4/86 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
Joyce Grable vs Terry Shawn (Terry Shane??)
Little Tojo vs The Black Cowboy
Also.. Mr. Wrestling, The Assassin, Chick Donovan, The Easy Riders, and more..

11/15/86 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
The Assassin vs Porkchop Cash (for the Southern All-Star Wrestling Title)
Buck Robley vs Marcelli Pringle
Little Yoyo (Tojo?) vs The Warrior
Mike Boyette (w/Sweetie Pie) vs Don Johnson
The African Savage vs Mark Austin
Mike Williams vs Triple Six

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