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Muhammad Ali vs Larry Holmes (WBC champion) 

October 2, 1980

On July 17, 1980, Ali and Holmes signed to fight on October 2 at Caesers Palace in Las Vegas. Promoter Don King said Ali would be paid $8 million and Holmes $6 million. Caesars Palace constructed a temporary 24,790-seat outdoor arena for the fight. The live gate was $6 million, a record for that time.

Due to concerns for Ali's health, the Nevada State Athletic Commission had the former champion examined at Minnesota's Mayo Clinic as a prerequisite to being granted a boxing license. Ali checked into the clinic on July 23, 1980. His neurological exam was conducted by Dr. Frank Howard, whose report contained the following information: Ali showed a slight degree of missing when he tried to touch his finger to his nose, he had difficulty in coordinating the muscles used in speaking, and he did not hop on one foot with expected agility. However, Dr. Howard determined that there were no specific findings to prohibit Ali from fighting. The Mayo Clinic report was forwarded to the Nevada State Athletic Committee, but it was not made public at that time. Based on the report, Ali was granted a boxing license in Nevada.

Ali weighed in at 217½ pounds, his lightest weight since he defeated George Foreman on October 30, 1974.

There were no knockdowns, but Holmes dominated the fight and was given every round by all three judges. Holmes won through a technical knockout after Ali's trainer Angelo Dundee stopped the fight after the tenth round. 

According to Ferdie Pacheco, Ali's former ring doctor, "All the people involved in this fight should've been arrested. This fight was an abomination, a crime."  Pacheco had earlier quit Ali's camp, in 1977, after Ali's fight with Earnie Shavers. Pacheco claims he had sent Ali's medical results to Angelo Dundee, Jabir Herbert Muhammad, Ali, and Veronica Porche Ali noting that "This is what's happening to you. If you want to continue, you have no shot at a normal life." Pacheco says he never received any response to his warning.  In 2012, Ali met Pacheco for the last time and told him "you was right", something he had said to Pacheco several times before. According to Pacheco after Ali's death in 2016:

The unnecessary punches he took wouldn't have stopped the Parkinson's. But I think it would not have compounded it as it has. Who knows, Ali may not have passed away now if he'd stopped when I asked. He may not have been trapped in a shell like he was for so many years.

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