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 Posted: Wed Feb 20th, 2019 11:13 pm
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I watched the week 2 game between Birmingham Iron and Salt Lake Stallions on TNT. It wasn't very good:

1) The production values for the show were terrible. The intro was basically a camera shot of the field followed by a camera on the announce team. No intro graphics. No intro music.

2) The announcers were constantly messing up the player names with the names of actual NFL players. For example, Salt Lake kicker's name was Nick Novak. Announcer often called him Nick Foles.

3) Lots of missed passes / drops. Announcer tried to spin the offense's ineptness as the result of a strong defense. Final score ended up being 12-9. It wasn't a battle of 2 great defenses. It was 2 offenses that couldn't find a way to make a 1st down.

I will give it another chance. The Arizona Hotshots were being touted as the exciting team in the league. The Hotshots next game is Saturday at 3:00 pm streaming on Bleacher Report Live. It appears that the stream will be free (unlike other events) so I will try to catch it.

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