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 Posted: Fri Feb 22nd, 2019 06:38 pm
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As a kid (b. 1974), even if you didn't watch boxing, it seemed you knew the names. Ali (obviously), Hector "Macho" Camacho, "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler, Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini, "Sugar" Ray Leonard, etc.

Camacho appeared in a Fat Boys video, circa 1987 (Fat Boys have become fairly forgotten, but they had a big "push" on MTV, one summer).

Harald Lederman and Mills Lane even became minor icons, due to boxing's popularity. I think Tim Tomashek was a guest on David Letterman. No way you'd see a lower mid-card "tomato can" boxer on a late night show, nowadays.

I think boxing began to die out in popularity when Buster Douglas knocked out Tyson in early 1990. Tyson had become a modern superhero and even had a Fresh Prince song about him: "I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson". Then he had the legal problems and each organization began to recognize different "champions". I think someone even recognized Tommy Morrison as their "champion".

I got into George Foreman's comeback and even ordered his PPV bout against Evander Holyfield in 1991. "Hip hip hooray for senior citizens". I marked out when he knocked out Michael Moorer in 1995. Everybody was pumped for the Holyfield/Tyson match in 1997 and it seemed like that might bring some cohesion and popularity back to boxing. But...well that didn't work out.