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 Posted: Mon Feb 25th, 2019 08:39 am
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07/30/34 Madison WI
Bull Curry beat Fred Kohler (Chicago IL)
Jimmy Demetral beat Mike London
Ralph Garibaldi beat Dale Haddock

07/31/34 Chicago IL
Bull Curry beat Rudy Kay (Royal F Kaitchuck, Chicago IL)
Dale Haddock draw John Yarkovich
Bill Jensen defeated Al Kimball
Mike London draw Ralph Garibaldi
Gorilla Parker beat Charley Peterson COR

08/01/34 Chicago IL
Bull Curry beat Tiger Frank Malcewicz (Utica NY)
Frankie Hart draw Walter Roxey
Dale Haddock beat Dick Gamon
Zack Malkov beat Gorilla Parker

08/07/34 Chicago IL
Bull Curry beat Bill Jensen
John Yarkovich beat Al Woznica
Dale Haddock beat Buck O'Neil
Jack Brown beat Ralph Garibaldi

08/08/34 Chicago IL
Bull Curry beat Phil Gruber (Jack Bell, Chicago IL)
Jack Kennedy beat Al Williams
Lefty Pacer beat Al Stecher
Great Mephisto beat Stanley Buresch

08/14/34 Boston MA
Jose Firpo (Argentina) beat Bull Curry
Gil LaCross beat Paul Adams
Henry Manseau beat Cannonball Grange
Tony Papalino beat Jacques Comeau
Ted Germaine beat Young Dempsey
Al Taylor draw Tiger Rollins
Senor Lopes draw Stewart Spears
Pat Schaeffer draw Gus Bruyn
Ed McNeil draw Red Riley
Carl Carlson beat Dick Brew

08/20/34 Madison WI
Bull Curry beat Jimmy Demetral (Madison WI)
Great Mephisto beat Al Williams
Mike London beat Tommy Carter

08/21/34 Boston MA
Bull Curry vs Jacques Comeau (France)
Gil LaCross vs Ted Germaine
Carl Carlson vs Paul Adams
Young Dempsey vs Cannonball Grange
Al Mercier vs Joe Kugot
Johnny Spellman vs Dick Stahl

08/21/34 Pittsfield MA
Bull Curry vs Al Staples
Pat Schaeffer vs Tony Papalino
Red Reilly vs Jose Dominguez
Diamond Silver vs Young Londos
Rudy Cavasale vs Bill Hinckley

08/22/34 Chicago IL
Frankie Hart drew Bull Curry
Charles Midget Fischer beat Jimmy Demetral
Jack Kennedy beat Alex Kasaboski
George Dusette beat Al Williams

08/29/34 Chicago IL
Bull Curry beat Jack Kennedy
Frankie Hart draw Bill Brooks
George Dusette beat Dale Haddock
Buck O’Neil beat Henry Foreman

08/31/34 Dubuque IA
Bull Curry vs Frankie Hart
Fred Kohler vs Bad Boy Brown
George Dussette vs Ralph Garibaldi
Dick Gamon vs Francis Cooper

08/30/34 Toledo OH
Bull Curry vs Frankie Hill (Frank Murdoch, Waxahachie TX)
Leo Donoghue vs Bobby Wagner
Frank Wolff vs Jimmy Logas

09/04/34 Boston MA
Carl Carlson beat Bull Curry
Gil LaCross beat Pat Schaeffer
Dan Carey beat Ted Germaine DQ
Al Taylor beat Young Dempsey
Red Riley draw Jacques Comeau
Ed McNeil beat Gus Bettencourt
Tony Papalino draw Jack Ellis
Ivan the Terrible Turk beat Quaker Joyce

09/04/34 Madison WI
Frankie Hart beat Bull Curry DQ
Jimmy Demetral draw with Lefty Pacer
Bob Alexander beat Dick Gamon

09/05/34 Chicago IL
George Dusette beat Bull Curry
Dick Gamon beat Casey Jones
Jimmy Demetral draw Rudy Kay
Al Williams beat Lefty Pacer
Frankie Hart draw Les Fishbaugh

09/06/34 Quincy MA
Bull Curry vs Cannonball Grange
Tony Papalino vs Ted Germaine
Jacques Comeau vs Jack Ellis
Gil Cross vs Dick Brew
Henry Manseau Young Dempsey
Ed McNeil vs Frank Erdint

09/07/34 Toledo OH
Paul Orth beat Bull Curry
Sailor Moran draw Wildcat Pete

09/10/34 Camden NJ
Henry Moeller (Germany) beat Bull Curry
Cowboy Hughes draw Maurice LaChapelle
Joe Renoldi beat Frank Bruno
Curley Dunchin draw Frank Malcewicz