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 Posted: Tue Feb 26th, 2019 02:35 am
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Any of you guys ever watch this show that airs on the Travel Channel?    

It's a fun little hoe to watch, the premise is that Amy Allen, who claims to be a medium who sees and talks to dead people does a walkthrough some supposedly haunted places, while Steve DiSchiavi investigates the history of said property, then they have the big "reveal" at the end and decide what action the people who own the haunted places need to take.

I'm sure it's 99% bullshit as most of these shows are, but it's something that for some reason I find to be an addicting show, probably for the same reason that people watch stupid shit like Ridicilousness on MTV or pro wrestling.

Plus Amy Allen is creepy as Hell, but that makes her sorta hot, too.


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