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 Posted: Fri Mar 1st, 2019 02:40 pm
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Harper took less money than was on the table from pretty much all the other teams when you look at average annual value. He did this not only because he wanted to play in a city where he would be happy to bring his family to, but also because he wanted to build something to win Championships with. He overruled Boras and made sure that there was no opt-out clause in the deal and he wanted a full no-trade. He said "I want to build a winner and how can I convince players to come and join me if they aren't sure that I will be here in 3-4 years". To me, it appears that Bryce Harper has grown up and the 'me first' attitude he had in years past is gone. And I think the Phillies made out like thieves because the contract is so team friendly that they can really make a big push for Mike Trout this coming offseason. And with Trout growing up a Phillies fan and being an Eagles season ticket holder, I think that if they just treat him with the same respect as they did Harper it's a slam dunk that he signs this coming offseason.
Think about it in these terms - in 8 years, the superstars will be making $40M per season.  Whether or not Bryce is a superstar in 8 years is debatable, but he won't even be in the top 25 highest paid players.  It's not like Stanton where the dollars increase each year - Harper gets the same salary for 10 years, then the last two are lower.  This season he makes the most because he got a $20M signing bonus.

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