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 Posted: Sun Mar 3rd, 2019 08:27 pm
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The Spokane results if from Jeff Sharkey.
The rest are from George Lentz. He will be publishing a new Crusher Record Book soon as he has added a few thousand matches since his last printing.

Spokane, WA
Wilbur Snyder beat Bob Cummings (2-0)

All of these results are from Elkhart, Indiana.

WWA Champ Blackjack Lanza vs The Crusher
Wilbur Snyder & Moose Cholak vs The Big K & Black Bart

Dick the Bruiser & Wee Willie vs The Chain Gang
WWA Champ Blackjack Lanza vs Wilbur Snyder

Wilbur Snyder & Dick the Bruiser NC The Chain Gang
Lumberjack Match Moose Cholak beat Blackjack Lanza    
Chief Crazy Horse beat Ken Russell (later Ken Dillinger)
Mr. Kleen beat Joe Tomasso & Angelo Poffo

Chain Gang vs Wilbur Snyder & Moose Cholak
The Sheik vs Paul Christy

Crusher vs Baron Von Rashcke
Blackjacks Lanza & Mulligan vs Moose Cholak & Wilbur Snyder
Bobby Heenan vs Art Thomas
Johnny Kace vs prince Pullins

Cage match
Jimmy Valiant & Baron Von Rashcke
vs Wilbur Snyder & Cowboy Bob Ellis
KO Match Sam Menacker vs Bobby Heenan
Luis Martinez vs Johnny Valiant
Billy Red Cloud vs Cowboy Parker

Wilbur Snyder, Moose Cholak & Bobby Bold Eagle
vs Mitsu Arakawa, Kim Duk & Killer Stan Kowalski
Cowboy Bob Ellis vs Jimmy Valiant

Sissy Wave the Flag Match
The Valiants with flagbearer Bobby Heenan
vs Wilbur Snyder & Pepper Gomez with flagbearer Bob Ellis

Cowboy Bob Ellis vs Killer Stan Kowalski
Bobby Heenan vs Max Blue
Prince Pullins & Little Coco
vs ken Dillinger & Little Atlas

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