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 Posted: Mon Mar 4th, 2019 05:38 pm
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Ultimark wrote: Everyone's situation is different. If you are in a high income tax state and make a certain amount, then the limiting of that deduction will hurt. Also, there are other variables involved. However, for his people in red states, most of them have less tax liability than before. Now, many don't understand that is a different issue than just a refund. All because a refund is lower doesn't mean they have paid more taxes. That is his base though. Many simply cannot understand that. They live for that refund.

They knew this was going to be an issue. That is why Trump started to talk about a middle class tax cut in Sept before the election. The reality was some in the middle class did receive a cut with the last reform but some didn't.

The middle class tax cut was some bullshit he pulled out of his ass on the way to the helicopter. It was debunked literally immediately by the journalists who were there and was never mentioned again.

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