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 Posted: Tue Mar 5th, 2019 02:47 pm
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From my obit
"How I got into wrestling was by a fluke," Bundy explained in a 2003 interview with SLAM! Wrestling. "My brother was an elementary phys ed. teacher, and one of his students was the daughter of Dick Woehrle, who was a WWF referee. So my brother asked her if her father could get him some tickets to wrestling. Well somehow Dick got the message that my brother wanted to be a wrestler, picked up the phone book, and called me instead by mistake. I was around 23, just kind of drifting aimlessly at the time, and figured why not give it a shot."
The 6-foot-4, 460-pound beast trained with Larry Sharpe in his home state, before Sharpe had opened the Monster Factory gym; the success early of Paillies as Chris Canyon and Chris Cannon helped put Sharpe on the mat as a trainer.
So it could be his brother

One Fan Gang wrote: Earlier yesterday just before the announcement, I was reading an old newsletter that said Bundy, who was wrestling as Chris Canyon around 1981, had a brother who worked the Allentown and Hamburg TV tapings at the same time, wrestling as Jack Carson. I don't remember Carson showing up in results very often aside from this brief time. The blurb said that they owned a Tavern somewhere in New Jersey together. Perhaps Carson went back to that business and left wrestling. Something to look for in subsequent obituaries I guess.

EDIT- I just watched the first match on that Video Vault tribute where The Moondogs faced the team of Canyon and Carson and you can see a resemblance, Plus Carson is billed from Atlantic City.  Maybe Larry Sharpe gave a two-for-one special and trained the brothers at the same time.

Here's the link to my obit:

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