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 Posted: Wed Mar 6th, 2019 09:51 am
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The Ultimate Sin wrote: I liked him a lot & loved the 5 count.

I've always have some questions about the 5 count gimmick. In every match I ever saw it used, Bundy basically forced the ref to count an extra two after Bundy had won the match with a regular 3 count.

- Did Bundy ever compete in a match where the 5 count was part of the rules?

- If so, did anyone ever kick out at 4 (or 3, I guess)?

- If so, did Bundy ever subsequently lose a match because of this?

It seemed like this was the logical way to go with the gimmick.

Big E did this gimmick in NXT, as a face, and again, I never saw any variation on forcing the ref to count an extra 2 counts after the match was finished.

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