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 Posted: Wed Mar 6th, 2019 04:15 pm
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He was a face, early on, before he became "King Kong". But was "King Kong" exclusively a heel? I don't think he ever worked face.

And I wouldn't count nostalgia indy appearances, where he was probably cheered.

Closest thing I can think of was late 1982 in World Class. He was, briefly, kind of a "tweener". While "on strike", he (kayfabe) went to Fritz with evidence on Ric Flair's bounty on Kerry Von Erich. I think they spun it as he thought he could make MORE money with the evidence, as opposed to actually taking the bounty. But Fritz stiffed him and offered him less (of course). Through this time, he was still wrestling as a heel and eventually formed Devastation, Inc.

I've never seen footage of his Georgia days, but always thought it was cool trivia that he was part of the "Legion of Doom", with the Road Warriors and (I think) Jake Roberts.