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 Posted: Thu Mar 7th, 2019 04:30 am
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srossi wrote: In looking at old results, Bundy spent a ton of time in NJPW in 1985. I never realized that before. He starts 1985 on tour in Japan, signs with the WWF, but then does several more tours that year.

His very first match with New Japan is Jan. 4, teaming with Hulk Hogan and Kerry Brown to defeat Inoki, Fujinami, and Kentaro Hoshino. Interesting result. He makes his WWF debut in late Feb./early Mar., then spends most of the summer from May-July in NJPW with a few WWF matches thrown in during June (including an MSG squash match). His last NJPW match he teams with Bad News Allen on Aug. 1 in a DQ loss to Sekiguchi and Kimura and I don't think he ever returns to Japan again.  Even more interesting, he was frequently teaming with Bruiser Brody that summer.

My assumption is he had committed to Inoki before signing with the WWF and they let him fulfill those commitments. He was really gone a long time that summer so I'm not sure how the WWF covered for his absence since he had just been introduced. I guess they had stuff in the can from his first few matches that they spread out.

 Bundy said in a interview that Hogan was the one that got him into the WWF after they spent time together in Japan. Hogan obviously saw a future opponent for himself.

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