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 Posted: Thu Mar 7th, 2019 01:14 pm
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This Weeks Hidden Jem

Where exactly do we start with this one? WWE has treated us to only one gem this week, and it’s perhaps one of the most bizarre yet lesser-known oddities in AWA history. Titled “The Battle of Breakfast Cereal”, (though the official title may well be “In Your Space!”) this is effectively a 1-hour commercial sponsored by Kellogg’s. Featuring 4 matches, each wrestler represents a different food product (separated into Kellogg’s and General Mills teams – guess who the babyfaces are) and the winners get to take home a cheap-looking trophy.

Dated 05/01/1989, this is from the period were the AWA was really starting to struggle financially, (the company was dead altogether by 1991) and thus this was obviously an attempt to bring in some much-needed income. To call it a rather ham-fisted execution would be selling the “battle for breakfast supremacy” short. For those wondering, I cannot find a reference to this event, even on the most thorough historical records and not even as part of a TV taping remotely close to the date. Written evidence of it will obviously exist somewhere but I think it’s fair to say that this glorified commercial is rather obscure. Feel free to share in the comment section if you can pin down more details but considering that this was apparently taped at a hotel, the “event” looks to be a rather low-key affair with a tiny crowd.

WWE Hidden Gems


The Battle of Breakfast Cereal – 05/01/1989 (Hyatt Hotel – Minneapolis, MN)

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