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 Posted: Thu Mar 7th, 2019 06:26 pm
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It bugs the shit out of me that there are teams that do their best to NOT win, but reap the benefits of revenue sharing. Use any examples you wish, but look at a team such as the Marlins. They have new ownership, and that ownership does everything it can to strip every good player from the roster. Including guys under team control (Realmuto) and guys signed to favorable contracts (Stanton for at least three more years based on the escalations). They have a new stadium that they benefit from advanced revenue streams. They make money from their local TV contract. And when you factor in their total payroll expense, they basically make a profit for sucking. THEN, MLB gives them their share of revenue sharing and all of a sudden as far as percentages go they are in the top half of MLB as far as profitability goes. It's just not right. Teams should be forced to use their revenue sharing money to at least attempt to make the product on the field better, and they should be forced to account for it.

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