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 Posted: Thu Mar 7th, 2019 08:58 pm
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General Mills being the babyface and Kellogg's the heel would make much more sense as does the explanation that this was a sold show that was taped for posterity or as marketing material to show to TV companies or other corporations possibly looking at wrestling as entertainment for conventions and trade shows. The AWA was trying in its last years to find a way of jumpstarting things, such as the multi-promotional Super Clash III PPV, the Team Challenge Series, the pilot episode with the wrestlers in a studio and different camera angles, and this corporate show. Unfortunately the AWA never executed any of these ideas well enough for them to catch fire. I always thought what the AWA ought to have done was stay away from these gimmicks it couldn't pull off and instead go to a live to tape show with lots of Memphis style angles. The interminable squashes and closed set interviews worked in the promotion's heyday, but not in the AWA from 1986 onward.