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 Posted: Mon Mar 11th, 2019 11:40 pm
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Angelic Assassin wrote:
MLB could institute a hard salary cap although I'm not sure how successful it would be a few teams would be sold or relocated as a result.
A hard cap has worked in the NHL.
The NBA and it's super team bullshit is crap.
The NFL is not bad though certain teams are always at the top.
In every major sports league there is that element where certain teams are just horribly mismanaged.
Bad ownership, bad management, bad player decisions.
Edmonton, Ottawa, Buffalo, Florida, Arizona come to mind in the NHL.
Obviously Miami in baseball, Baltimore, Chicago W.S. and a couple others.
The Expos should still be in existence but MLB didn't give a shit but they allow the Miami Marlins to exist. You know the major league team that is actually a farm team for whoever has the most money.
Outside of hockey the other 3 major sports are almost unwatchable most of the time.  Yet as long as fans keep paying the league's will thrive in that sense.
The hard cap only works if you have pure rev share as well.  That is what makes the NFL so unique. It also make the Patriots accomplishments that much more amazing, cheating or not.