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 Posted: Thu Mar 14th, 2019 02:05 pm
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I give him credit for saying Fuck You to the Steelers. He cost himself money but he felt that they were doing everything they could to run him into the ground and then let him go when he's shot. Where this technically could benefit him is if he can tack a couple years onto the end of his career. It'll be tough to make back $14m but if he gets a little longevity he will be fine.

Players for decades didn't have any power, then they got a little power with free agency. But the whole transitional and franchise tag thing isn't fair to the player, it's totally slanted towards the team. If you take a player and tag him, the salary should be 100% guaranteed AND include a second, guaranteed year at the players' discretion. If he refuses the second year, he becomes a free agent. This would keep teams from tagging the same guy multiple times and thus doing what the Steelers were doing to Bell and wearing him out.

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