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 Posted: Fri Mar 15th, 2019 04:16 am
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Heenan Fan wrote: Mysterious wrote: Heenan Fan wrote: The NFL isn't going to allow small market Cleveland anywhere near the Super Bowl even if they're good enough on their own to get there, which they aren't. Just stop!Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Indianapolis and Carolina were all in recent Superbowls
Good point, but consider this, GB and Pitt both had future hof qbs. Not to mention both are NFL Royalty, especially  Pitt. Baltimore bought their 2nd Super Bowl, obviously (worse reffed SB ever?) Indy also had a future hof qb. When Indy won the SB, it rained. That's because they should of been playing Seattle or New Orleans, but the NFL wanted Chicago in that year. Big market. Carolina had MVP Cam Newton and he couldn't be bothered to scoop up his own fumble. They lost too. Cam said he didn't want to risk injury. Also, Pitt and Bal are not small market sports towns. They both have plenty of money to buy their ilk!
So is it about market size or QB stardom. Because Cleveland could have a future hof QB in Mayfield Cleveland is still one of the original teams from way back. Baltimore is not that much bigger than Cleveland and beat the big apple Giants for one of their Superbowls. Dallas hasn't played in one since 1996 and L.A. went 20 years without a team.