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 Posted: Fri Mar 15th, 2019 01:35 pm
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Pretty much everything Carlson has said is covered under the 1st A. However, the 1st A does not protect you from negative consequences from asserting that right.

The ratings are still high for Carlson. However, according to someone I know who now works at the local Fox station in NY (worked at FNC a decade ago - in production), the real trouble for Carlson is that there are now less ads on his show than before. They take 4 breaks instead of 5 and more of the ads are now the type that promote other Fox shows. That means the show is not making the $ it should be based on the audience size.

In Murdock land $$$ come before everything else. So, according to this guy, that is Tucker's real risk - economic. That is what cost Beck his job at Fox. They had trouble selling ad time for his hour. The same thing has been happening now with Carlson. Again, the guy I know tells me that the same 3 million people will watch whoever takes over his show if they make the change. The rumor mill in NY media is that the Murdocks are considering it but want the heat to die down first. They don't want to be seen giving into pressure like they did with O'Reilly.

I heard a couple of these tapes and clearly he was trying to be a bit outrageous. I suspect a lot of it was feigned for the show. I guess he doesn't want to say that now because it makes him look bad. This is a no win situation for him. So, basically what I have learned is that the ad revenue will decide everything but the Murdocks are willing to take a hit for a while as well.