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 Posted: Fri Mar 15th, 2019 03:59 pm
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srossi wrote: bpickering wrote: Jerry Sabin (Gary Sabough) & Reno Riggins vs. Money Inc. (Irwin R. Schyster & Ted DiBiase)
George South vs. Tatanka

I guess this show was in the Carolinas because they used George South and Italian Stallion (who for some reason was using the name Jerry Sabin).  I always associate them more for jobbing for the NWA, but I know they did both. 

March 7, 1993 in Fayatteville, North Caroline. Good call.

Interestingly, Stallion was jobbing to Rick Rude the next night in Atlanta for WCW.

In other news, the Network will be adding the next 20 episodes of Thunder on Monday.

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