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 Posted: Sat Mar 16th, 2019 08:30 am
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I suppose I am overdue for an update on my bosses ramblings:

She recently watched a video of Hillary Clinton killing a kid in a bathtub. She brought this up casually while we were bantering on the politics of the day. A quick google search shows this video was from a movie, but Snopes is a liberal site, so debunking things with it is not valid.

One day in February we must have been talking about Black History month or something, and she dropped this nugget: "Slaves were not slaves. They were given free room and board for their work. The only people who ever enslaved the blacks were other blacks."

Then the recent tax season brought this: "You get a refund, so you don't really pay taxes. I make a lot of money, so I have to pay in."

She is still going with the mass arrest of Democrats are coming soon. Plus McCabe and other FBI agents.

Finally, the Trump National Emergency declaration was not really about the illegals. It was the first step towards the US resetting our national debt. The Venezuela chaos is secretly the US prepping to claim gold we are owed as another step towards the financial reset which will erase the deficit.