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 Posted: Mon Mar 18th, 2019 03:44 pm
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bpickering wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote: srossi wrote: The Super 8 has seen better days obviously, and hasn’t been very relevant on the indy scene in many years. This year they have an interesting concept that they’re hoping will bring some prestige back to the tournament, inviting all 2nd generation competitors. 

The 2019 field:

Colby Corino- son of Steve Corino
Lance Anoai- son of Samu and grandson of Afa the Wild Samoan
Timothy Zbyszko- son of Larry Zbyszko
Brian Pillman Jr.- son of Brian Pillman 
Marshall Von Erich- son of Kevin Von Erich
Ross Von Erich- son of Kevin Von Erich
Wes Brisco - son of Gerald Brisco
Leland Race - son of Harley Race 

Colby Corino sucks really bad>
Lance Anoai I hear isn't too bad
Timothy Zbyszko. I follow the indy scene pretty good and I never heard of him
Brian Pillman Jr. Best wrestler in this, should win it, so he probably won't.
Marshall Von Eirch. If they were really good, they would be signed to a major company somewhere.
Ross Von Erich. Read above statement.
Wes Brisco. Think he's pretty horrible If any good, he would be in NXT.Leland Race. I heard some good things about him when he wrestled in NOAH a few years back and when he was in the NJPW Tag league in 2016.

Lance is very good. Should be in NXT at least. 

I just saw a little bit of Jacob Fatu the past few weeks, and he is awesome.  I think he's the son of Tonga Kid and he's the spitting image of some of the old school Samoans and can really move too.  He should absolutely be in NXT soon. 

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.