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 Posted: Wed Mar 20th, 2019 08:10 pm
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Superstar wrote: The only three big matches for Goldberg are Cody, Kenny, and Jericho.  And I think all three would sell tickets.  And honestly if you could get him for all three matches and put over at least Cody and/or Kenny with the Jericho match being a brawl that Goldberg wins, then you've accomplished something. 

Maybe you have him beat Jericho and Cody and then have Omega beat him at the end.  AEW fans might stomach that, but Omega losing to Goldberg at this point in both their careers would have a lot of AEW fans revolt.  Although not nearly as extreme an example, WCW showed that having mainstream attention does nothing but detract from your bottom line if you're driving away your fans in the process.  Bischoff still brags about Leno and Arquette getting WCW a paragraph in USA Today or some shit, in exchange for fans tuning out in droves over that.  The AEW fans who sold out a 10,000 seat arena in minutes to support a product they believed in are going to make WWE fans who shit on Reigns look like fans of Memphis circa 1975.  AEW has to be really careful about how they expand without turning off the uber-smarts, because let's face it, that core fanbase is all they will have for the first year or two and and the second you lose them, you won't have enough time to replace them before you're bleeding red ink.  Then it becomes a matter of how much patience Khan has and how much he's willing to lose while AEW figures out the right mix.  When you think about how much the wrestling fanbase as a whole has contracted since 1998, it's pretty scary.  There's not much leeway even for WWE, much less the indies.  WWE will have everyone watching WM no matter how shitty it is, and then 3 months later they'll be struggling to get 2 million fans to watch any of their shows.  They have a machine in place to absorb all the downtime, but even they are super niche these days. 

Other than WM, I don't think there's any such thing as mainstream appeal in wrestling anymore.  You might be just as well off having Pentagon as Goldberg, especially when you compare their salaries.  Most weeks, Raw is based entirely on guys like Rollins and Styles, which is barely any different except that they're WWE.  But these guys are indy to the core.     

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