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 Posted: Mon Mar 25th, 2019 12:22 am
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broke wrote: The more the Dems obsess on this, they may as well hand Trump 2020 and Haley 2024. Best course of action would be to unite behind someone and try to at least make a showing of 2020 but.... Dems.

Bingo!. The Dems just can't help themselves. You'd think that they may have learned their lesson in 2016 about giving the keys to the party to the crazies. They actually managed to double down after the election. I don't think they realize that their newfound political beliefs on abolishing ICE, lower the voting age, socialism, infanticide, a 90 trillion dollar green deal, and now carrying on with this inquisition doesn't play well with normal people.

Haley 2024? Hmm, interesting choice. Yeah, I'd say she has a great resume.