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 Posted: Wed Mar 27th, 2019 12:30 am
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Heenan Fan wrote: srossi wrote: A few other gems:

"If you still love Hillary. Explain to me why nixon was in jail and why Hillary should not. Demon filled liars. God forgivee me"

"Check out this link (Top 10 Bible Foods That Heal) Yeah the stuff we use to make our products hehehehe  Go Team Herbalife!!!"

"the war against the principalities is a real thing peeps, that empose evil spirits practices and rituals while Gods children die from lack of knowledge."

"I cry out to God that all may know the truth and be set free. The sounds the smell the feel the sight of what is. knowing what it can be. is a form of persecution torture for me to witness and to think my children have to witness this madness too uhggg the agony. Bad is good and good is bad were it not for God telling me before hand id bw filled with hate."
Is this the same woman you were talking about before, and if so, how close are you to her? You two aren't...? I'm seriously intrigued by your relationship with this nut and I don't know why. Slow day I guess.

She’s a friend of my mother’s Godson, who I called my “cousin” when we were kids, but you can’t really get more distant than that. I met her a dozen or so times through him when we were younger. Not very intriguing. And no, she’s not attractive in the least. Other than reading her posts, our only interaction was a few years ago when I fell down the stairs and fucked up my knee and posted that I was getting a knee injection and she private messaged me to tell me not to inject poison in my body and recommended some homeopathic shit. I ignored it. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.