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 Posted: Wed Mar 27th, 2019 01:42 am
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apologies if these are listed elsewhere, did not see them in the original 1978 list..

1/17/78 Odessa - Ector County Coliseum
Dory Funk, Jr. won 10-man battle royal
Roger Kirby d. Dory Funk Jr
Ervin Smith d. JJ Dillon
The Angel d. Larry Lane
Ricky Romero (sub Don Fargo) d. Bob Orton
Ricky Romero DREW Alex Perez
Bob Orton Sr vs Don Fargo -- didn't take place

1/24/78 Odessa, TX - Ector County Coliseum
Ricky Romero d. Roger Kirby
The Angel and JJ Dillon d. Ervin Smith and Johnny Starr
Alex Perez DREW Don Kernodle
Dennis Stamp d. Mr. Onomi
Rip Hawk d. Tonga Fifita

1/31/78 Odessa, TX - Ector County Coliseum
Andre the Giant won 10 Man Battle Royal
Andre the Giant and Ricky Romero d. The Angel and JJ Dillon
Roger Kirby d. Rip Hawk (ad listed Don Fargo)
The Brute d. Mr. Onomi
The Super Destroyer DREW Don Fargo (ad listed Rip Hawk)