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 Posted: Thu Mar 28th, 2019 08:09 pm
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cman73 wrote: 2/7/78 Odessa, TX - Ector County Coliseum -- cancelled due to weather
Dory Funk, Jr. vs The Super Destroyer vs JJ Dillon (Round Robin Match)
Roger Kirby vs Ricky Romero
Dennis Stamp vs Ervin Smith
The Angel vs Don Kernodle
The Brute vs Johnny Starr

In the 2/12/78 paper, promoter Pat O'Dowdy says he is out of business promoting wrestling.

I made an Odessa thread somewhere else here, but that may have just included the Southwest matches after they took over. Apologies to anyone who enjoyed this thread, but the formatting issues with the site (I used to be able to C&P from Word, but now it removes all the line breaks) made me stop editing the thread.

I can give a little history though... The Amarillo territory was always a collection of local promoters who all booked most or all of their wrestlers from the Amarillo booking office. It wasn't a promotion. When Murdoch & Mulligan took over, they wanted to turn it into a promotion, as they saw that was a way to make more profit for themselves. It didn't work though. Most promoters stayed just where they were. O'Dowdy was in his 80s at this point, and he was the only one move aside. M&M installed Terry Garvin as the Odessa promoter, but he didn't advertise in the newspapers, so his few months of promoting are likely lost to history. As they did with most of the former Amarillo towns, Southwest came in and took over the town, promoting two shows a month, with World Class attempting some competition by running a handful of shows in Midland. Midland and Odessa form one metropolitan area, with Midland actually being the larger town, but almost all wrestling has been held in Odessa through the years. The Ector County Coliseum is still in use today, and I believe is the only former Amarillo territory building that is still used by WWE.

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