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 Posted: Sun Mar 31st, 2019 06:31 pm
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The 2 guys calling the matches were Killer Kowalski and Eddie Andelman.
Andelman, a big wrestling fan, is considered to have invented the "Sports Talk Radio" format in the late 1960s.
Eddie probably had a hand setting up the event, as he did lots lots of charity workusing his quasi-celebrity status.
Not a good wrestling commentator by any stretch.
It is as if he is embarrassed to be a fan; making light of the action in the ring and inventing  goofy names for moves.
Killer Kowalski didn't have much luck controlling Eddie, either
I was cool to see the Road Warriors performing in Massachusetts though.
To have a non-WWF group airing LIVE on Channel 5 in Boston was exciting.
Until then, any non-WWF wrestling aired on UHF stations in my area.
Dan Ginnetty

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