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 Posted: Wed Apr 3rd, 2019 07:28 am
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Complete outsider view here:

The NFL runs for five months, September to January. If that's not enough football for you, there's also college football, but that season also runs September to January. And the CFL, which runs June to November.

If you are a fan of major league sports, hockey and basketball also run over the winter, but with longer seasons, and baseball runs through the summer, from April to October.

So a new football league needs enough football fans who need a football fix from February to May, and who probably aren't baseball fans, to make a success of a secondary league. Given that every secondary pro football league in the US has failed, as far as I can see, did anyone do any research to see if there was a demand for a secondary football league?

The decision to restart the XFL boggles the mind. Either they entered the market competing against the AAF, with the AAF having a one-year head-start to scoop up the hardcore football fans, or... the AAF fails, as it has, and XFL enters a market that clearly can't bring in enough revenue to sustain itself. The XFL seem to be using "giving the fans what they want" as their rallying call, but have they asked, or is this more of Vince knowing what the fans want more than they do (spoiler: he doesn't)?

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