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 Posted: Wed Apr 3rd, 2019 10:55 pm
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I don't think the players union was necessarily against it and might have even supported the idea, but practice squad guys to getting sent to a minor league isn't in the CBA. The NFLPA rightfully can't agree to something like that wholesale and would want and need a concession from the NFL to go along with it.

For that matter, there are things in the CBA about everything from how practices are run, how many can be held and when, handling of grievances, expenses, per diems, benefits disciplinary rules, medical care, and so on that to guys on practice squad money would be especially meaningful and which would have to be somehow addressed. My understanding is the NFL was alright by the idea, but wanted to AAF to sound out the NFLPA because the last thing the NFL wants to do is upset an increasingly uneasy labor peace over bringing up the AAF itself.

In the end, I very much agree that going to the NFL and NFLPA about using practice squad guys halfway through the first season was way too late, but the money man wanted it that way and made staying in contingent upon this occurring. It makes me wonder what AAF personnel might have said to him when courting him as a financial savior several weeks ago that perhaps either left him unaware of how bad off the AAF's debts and expenses were or perhaps made him think that becoming a developmental league for the NFL would be an easier deal to close than was ultimately the case.